Benefits of Upgrading Your Lighting

Save Money Every Month

Saving energy means saving money.

  • Save 40% or more on your energy bill by replacing obsolete T12 fluorescent lighting with high performance T8 or LED systems
  • Save 50% or more on your energy bill by replacing HID systems with high performance T8 or T5 fluorescent or LED systems

These are not one-time savings—these are savings that you will see month after month on your utility bill.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

With upgraded lighting you can:

  • Increase the lifespan of your lamps – new technologies have greatly increased lamp life span
  • Reduce the number of lamps – improvements in lamp technology means better light with fewer lamps
  • Eliminate the need to stock a multitude of different lamp types and wattages – most facilities can upgrade to just one or two lamp types throughout

Improve Sales, Productivity, and Client Comfort

High performance light fixtures can:

  • Dramatically increase the quality and color rendition of light
  • Eliminate the annoying hum and flicker associated with obsolete magnetic ballast fluorescents
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Increase client and customer comfort
  • Improve the look of your facility and your products

Get CASH BACK from Your Utility Company

Utility companies are offering generous cash incentives for their customers to perform energy efficiency upgrades.

  • SRP Powerwise Business Solutions program
  • APS Solutions for Business program

Helios Systems is an SRP Energy Efficiency Alliance Contractor and an APS Trade Ally.  As part of SRP’s Powerwise Business Solutions program and APS’ Solutions for Business program, we are qualified to make a complete evaluation of your facility’s lighting, electrical, and HVAC systems.  We can calculate potential energy savings, determine the dollar savings you could see on your monthly bill, and facilitate the cash rebate that your utility company will pay directly to you upon completion of approved measures.