Facilities Maintenance

Reduce Costs and Liability

Helios Systems can handle capital improvements of any size. We perform special projects, preventative maintenance, and routine maintenance. Our personnel know how to work with facilities managers to keep production down-time to an absolute minimum.

Facilities maintenance staff can become overburdened with work orders or may have electrical maintenance items that their staff is not qualified/trained/equipped to handle. Helios Systems can help your facilities team by handling the electrical maintenance issues in your facility and allowing maintenance staff to concentrate their efforts elsewhere.

Maintenance Programs
Streamline your maintenance department with help from Helios Systems.  We can provide a maintenance program that meets your needs with standardized rates and material costs.

Preventative and Predictive Maintenance
The most common causes for equipment failure and arc flash events are loose connections and dust build-up. A preventative maintenance (PM) program can make your facility safer and reduce the possibility of failure-related downtime.

We can work closely with Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) professionals to identify and mitigate electrical hazards and develop safety procedures.